Five College Users

Students Enrolled in Mount Holyoke Courses:

Five College students currently enrolled in an MHC class should be able to login to by clicking on the logo of their home institution. Once they log in, they can be added to their class sites by faculty members, TAs or LITS liaisons.

Five College Staff, Faculty, and Students Involved in Cross-Campus Projects

Five College staff, faculty, and students not enrolled in MHC courses can be added to Commons upon request. This is a two-step process: 1) adding users to Commons, and 2) adding users to their project site.

Step 1: Adding Users to Commons

LITS liaisons or MHC faculty/staff sponsors must enter the name, email address, and username (NetID at UMass, campus username elsewhere) of those individuals on this form. Once submitted and reviewed, MHC WordPress administrators will add those individuals to Commons and alert the liaison or faculty/staff sponsor this step in the process is complete.

Step 2: Adding Users to Their Project Site

Once added, Five College staff, faculty, and students must go to, and login by clicking on login, then choosing the logo of their home institution. After they log in once, the sponsor can add them to the project site by following these instructions.