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Self Portrait, hand cut paper 2020
The Tell-Tale Heart, hand cut paper and oil on canvas, 24″ x 24″, 2019
Square piece of kozo paper hanging several inches away from the wall. An image of a deer surrounded by other details is cut out of it. Behind it, on the wall is a and equally sized piece of dyed black kozo paper which is slightly crumpled
Cut Away, natural dyes and handcut kozo paper, 20″x20″, 2019
Paper cut out of human body suspended in the air. A light is behind it, revealing cut paper on the opposite side which shows through
Inside Out, hand cut paper, 5′ x 2′, 2020
Two stands are lined up in front of a mirror.  On the first stand is a 2D skull made out of handmade kozo paper.  On the second is the muscles of the human face made of string and hand dyed kozo paper. Both have the eyes cut out so the viewer can look through into the mirror.
Self Aware, natural dyes ink and thread on handmade kozo paper, 2019