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don’t know what colors to use in your design?

This post will introduce to you two online color extraction and generation tools.

Color extraction Lab

You can access Color Extraction Lab here:

This online color extractor uses MulticolorEngine to identify the colors from uploaded or linked images, which lists a color palette with detailed information of hex color codes, area proportions, and closest color names. 

See the following pictures for reference.

You can access from:

As the website says, it offers “The super fast color schemes generator!” Users can generate a random color scheme in seconds and apply the selection towards their design. From the start page of the website,  users are shown with a wide range of color schemes and prompted to use the generator.


The following picture is a randomly generated scheme by simply pressing the spacebar.

Users can also upload images and pick a particular color.

Step 1: Click the camera icon on the top right corner.


Step 2: Upload an image and move the circle to pick one color from the image.



Step 3: Press OK and wait for the scheme to be generated, with your picked color.

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