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Embedding Media into WordPress Posts

Embedding Media into WordPress Posts:


Adding YouTube videos and other social media links to your content is a great way to get viewers to engage with your posts on multiple levels. To do so, you just need to follow a few simple steps:


  1. Go to your dashboard and create a new post!

  2. Add the written content you want to include

  3. Go to the video you want to embed and copy the link

  4. Create a fresh line in the area you want to paste the video into

  5. Paste the video!

After you paste the video link into the visual editing space, the video itself should pop up and appear as it does in YouTube or any other streaming site you use. From there people interacting with your post can play the video as they go through the rest of the content you have created.

* While this example used a YouTube video as the inserted media, you can use the same process for other online media such as Twitter and Instagram posts * 

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