Cabin Rental

Rent the Mount Holyoke Outing Club cabin! We are happy that we are able to share it with you!

The rental rates are:

  • MHC Student, Staff and Faculty – $25 per night + $10 deposit*
  • Non-MHC renters – $35 per night + $10 deposit*

* Deposits will be returned upon key return

The MHOC cabin has:

  • 4 cots and 1 queen size air mattress w/ pump (can be found in a trunk)
  • lighting
  • electricity
  • cell phone reception (for most carriers)
  • wood stove for heat
  • matches
  • dishes and silverware
  • chairs and tables
  • a first aid kit
  • a tool box
  • broom and dustpan
  • a few flashlights
  • outhouse

The cabin DOES NOT have (and therefore you are responsible for):

  • firewood (especially important during the colder months)
  • toilet paper
  • water
  • extra flashlights/headlamps* + batteries
  • blankets, sleeping bags*, sleeping pads,* etc.
  • wood for the wood stove
  • trash bags or other items for trash pick-up
  • bathrooms

*starred items can be rented in the MHOC office, as well as board games, tents, snowshoes, sleeping pads, etc. Come talk to us!


From campus, go down Route 47 for about 3 miles (this is the road that runs to the right of Village Commons). After you pass Pearl Street on your right about 2 miles from campus, you will go down a hill and up the other side. At the top of the hill the road curves to the right. There is a dirt road on the right just after the curve. There is a street sign and it says “Old Mountain Rd.” It’s easy to miss, so slow down and be on the lookout! Turn into this road. Park off to the side on the road just after you pass the wooden sign on the right that says “Mt. Holyoke Summit, 1.8 miles.”

This sign can also be hard to see (especially at night), so look up into the trees for it. Follow the trail on the white blaze up to the cabin. You will see the cabin on your left from the trail after about 1-3 minutes of walking. Again, at night, it will be hard to see.

When you leave, drive out the road the road in the same direction that you came in. You’ll come to parking for Skinner State Park (where the buses drop off students for Mountain Day). Turn left down the hill and then left at the bottom stoplight. Follow Route 47 back to campus.

Rules and Guidelines

Know that you are responsible for damage and cleaning costs that could become necessary after your visit if you fail to adhere to these rules and guidelines. We expect all visitors to treat the cabin property with respect. Have a wonderful time and please let us know if you have any questions!

1. You must take out everything that you bring in. This means that you must bring your own trash bag and collect all trash to take out with you.

2. You must leave the cabin clean. This includes sweeping the floor, wiping down surfaces, tidying any leftover wood, and making sure that there is no food mess. (If we leave food, we invite mice!)

3. If you use any of the dishes or silverware, please be sure to wash and dry what you used and properly put it away. Any excess water from washing dishes need to be dumped at least 100 meters from the cabin to ensure that no animals are attracted.

4. You must put any fabrics/towels that may be in bins back into the bins, otherwise mice will make nests out of these items!

5. Make sure to leave the cabin locked. Please be sure to check that both doors are locked as well as any windows/window shutters!

6. Key policy: You will be charged $30 if you loose the key! Please do not loose it! The key must be picked up and returned to the office during the times set by you and the cabin co-chair. The same key opens the cabin, windows, and outhouse door.

7. You may not leave the cabin if there is still a fire or if there are still hot coals in the wood stove. This applies for leaving the cabin permanently as well as leaving for just a short period of time. (If it’s too hot to touch, it’s too hot to leave!)

8. Make sure to bring your own wood! Your cabin rental fee does not include wood for the wood stove. Generally, there is not enough wood in the area surrounding the cabin to collect for the stove. Big Y usually sells wood logs for purchase, especially during the late fall and winter. If you have leftover wood that you don’t want to bring back to campus, you are welcome to leave it at the cabin, but please leave it in a neat, clean pile next to the stove or outside on the porch if it is too messy.

9. Please be respectful of neighbors in terms of noise level and overall behavior! Although not immediately next-door, the cabin does have neighbors on the road!

10. No smoking is permitted inside of the cabin. If you smoke, please take it outside to the porch and don’t leave any cigarettes butts behind.

11. Follow all rules and policies set forth by the MHC Office of Student Programs and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.