Gear Rental


Patches cost $10. They give students access to free rentals for the remainder of the academic year. The color of the patch honors the incoming class.

If the student does not plan to rent more than $10 of gear for the entire year, they can pay for each individual item of gear.

Gear Prices

Type of Gear Rate Weekend Rate*
Sleeping bag/pad $5/night $10/weekend
Tent $5/night $10/weekend
Safety Gear $1/night $3/weekend
Camping Stove/Lantern/Cookware $4/night $8/weekend
Clothing/Hiking Boots/Snowshoes $1/night $3/weekend
Sleds/Skis/Climbing Gear $5/night $10/weekend
Headlamp $1/night $3/weekend

* “Weekend rentals” include Friday, Saturday and Sunday. If the student cannot return the gear on Monday during office hours, she should email the board at

Late Gear

There is a $3 late fee—for all items—per day! (For example, if Salasie’s two items are due on Monday and she returns them on Thursday, she will need to pay $9).

To Rent Gear

Stop by our office during office hours or contact the board at