CSPO Certification Training Course

Certified Scrum Product Owner (CSPO) certification course is mainly designed for Product owners and managers. CSPO teaches the art of product management and delivering the highest value of the product. CSPO certificate is offered to aspiring product owners by Scrum Alliance. This Scrum alliance is a USA based non-profit organisation offering resources and support to scrum and agile practitioners.

Advantages of CSPO certification –

  • CSPO is all about delivering products effectively and efficiently using scrum
  • It adds value to your profession as this is a globally certified course
  • As you have to closely work with the development team, you need to learn how to lead and manage them.

How to get the CSPO certificate?

It is mandatory to attend a 2-days classroom training for this certification. Now there is no separate assessment exam for the CSPO certification. The certificate is valid for 2 years. For renewal, either A-CSPO certification is to be done or show 20 SEUs with payment of 100USD.   

Remember, a CSM certificate is not required for CSPO certification.

ABC helps you become a better Scrum product owner. Get trained by CSPO professional trainers with over 25 years of training experience. Also, get access to 2 years of alliance scrum membership along with 2 days of the experiential workshop.

Let’s get ready to become one of the highest-paid professionals!

Prerequisites –

There are no prerequisites for the CSPO training program as anyone and everyone can attend this. However, this course is most beneficial for individuals with good knowledge of Scrum and an effective understanding of product development. CSPO certification is mostly the next career goal of CSM certified professionals.

This course is most suitable for –

  • Software development managers
  • Software developers
  • Software development architects
  • Software designers and testers
  • product managers
  • Product owners
  • Scrum team leaders and managers

CSPO curriculum –

  • Scrum Basics
  • Roles and responsibilities
  • Product vision
  • Estimating
  • Product backlog
  • Prioritizing
  • Release Management
  • Sprints

On successful completion of CSPO training course, you will get –

  • Access to our mobile app and recorded sessions
  • Life-long access to our online training material
  • 14 PDUs
  • Certified Scrum professionals will get 16 SEUs
  • 2 years Scrum alliance membership
  • Knowledge and hands-on experience for product owners and managers
  • Course certificate

CSPO course benefits –

  1. Product owner skills – Get the core product owner skills as you will learn from the best CSPO professionals.
  2. Risk management – Predictive analysis gives way to risk management in the product delivery system. Deliver value, not stress!
  3. Efficient delivery – The key to success is to deliver products with high quality in low time and budget.
  4. Understanding your role – A high-performing individual best understands his role as a scrum master. Learn the basics of scrum in a better way to understand better.
  5. Lead – CSPO certified professionals are trained to lead the agile teams. Become a better mentor with high motivating skills.

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Intelematics automates manual tasks, streamlines processes with MuleSoft

MuleSoft is used by Intelematics to automate manual data extraction and expedite the onboarding process for new customers. Intelematics may now be on board within 15 minutes of signing with Mulesoft, a time-consuming procedure that previously took a half-day. Review this MuleSoft tutorial for a brief understanding of fundamentals like ESB, mule application installation and deployment, and so forth.

Intelematics, a mobility services provider, is leveraging MuleSoft’s integration platform to survey what’s going on on Australia’s roadways and to give new services to its customers.

MuleSoft’s Anypoint Platform was first used by Intelematics to optimize its client onboarding process after it was identified as a priority for improvement. Intelematics can now onboard new customers in as little as 15 minutes after they sign up, compared to up to a half-day previously.

Many existing customer signup processes required team members to do lengthy, tedious activities or manual data extraction. These have been automated by Intelematics to offer real-time and precise traffic information for municipal planning, road construction, and development projects, among other things.

The collaboration between Intelematics and MuleSoft is in line with MuleSoft’s architecture concepts of reuse and microservices. Intelematics has increased agility, speed, and productivity across the organization by allowing engineers to discover new methods to open data sources and connect SaaS programs.

Intelematics also pledges to ensure that its developers earn a MuleSoft developer certification within the first three months of taking on the project. Intelematics has also developed a set of training resources and a course to help its developers follow MuleSoft best practices. Mulesoft certified five Intelematics developers and one architect in three months.

Intelematics CEO Nick Marks says: “MuleSoft enables our employees to unlock data and automate routine operations like manual data extraction during customer onboarding, allowing us to focus on creating high-quality digital experiences like our streamlined onboarding process of customers.

He concludes that “We can supply real-time traffic data and connected mobility to our customers, including city planners and transportation specialists, utilizing MuleSoft to keep cities moving safely”.

Intelematics accelerates the onboarding process of customers with automation

It no longer takes Intelematics half a day to bring customers on board with its platform for traffic intelligence. Intelematics, a provider of mobility data, has switched from a manual to an automated onboarding process of customers to enhance internal operations and customer support.

After comprehending that depending on a system that is manual to onboard clients to its intelligence on traffic capacity is no longer adequate, the RACV-owned company collaborated with Mulesoft to introduce Anypoint Platform to its technology stack.

Nick Marks, CEO of Intelematics said, “Our solutions are created from the bottom up utilizing the newest technology and are very modern, modular, and API-driven”.

“With the traffic intelligence capabilities, in particular, the onboarding of new consumers process was a time-consuming process and lengthy task that included things like granting the access for portal and registration, so we realized it’s a fantastic chance for automating and streamlining it”.

A process that used to take approximately a half-day has been reduced to fifteen minutes, according to Marks.

“Not just for internal operations employees, but also for our consumers, that’s a much better experience. Because the procedure is now much more streamlined, they’re sending out confirmation emails,” he added.

However, completing the changeover is just one of several projects at Intelematics which has been continuing for the past five years as a segment of the company’s larger program for digital transformation.

The organization has also been gradually implementing its microservices design to break down the silos which previously existed among its four primary products: Platforms for analytics on traffic intelligence, management of connected vehicles and fleets, security and safety, and mobility services are among the platforms available.

Marks said, “Basically, they share a lot of data and a similar basis, and they use GIS or to map in some way. There is reporting, tracking of SLAs, and access control authorization, so the only way to tie it all together and build a platform in common across every product sets that belong to us is to use microservices and APIs. Mulesoft is essential for us to be able to achieve that”.

According to Marks, the company avoided having to redesign any of the architectures of its products by choosing this strategy.

“There is a huge performance to be benefited from that. This is why we chose a microservices architecture that is strong to allow us to connect the common pieces and orchestrate them to give functionality without having to rebuild and restructure each product line’s unique design”.

The realization of how much Intelematics for “technical debt” had accumulated from producing its products in the initial place, according to Marks, spurred the company to shift.

“You accumulate technical debits at the build speed expense during that journey.” We’ve decided that now is the time to take a step back and pay down that technical debt’s principle, as our product has matured and begun to achieve product-market fit” he explained.  

As a result of breaking down silos, Marks stated telematics has developed a team for central data to help with data extraction from its platform for intelligence tracking, which holds two trillion points of data upwards, for example. The staff is also in charge of ensuring that there is no delay between when clients request information and when they receive it. The team is also in charge of ensuring that there is no delay between when clients request information and when they receive it.

Marks said, “Previously, the teams had been well-organized, multidisciplinary, and self-sufficient. We then chose to develop core data functions that encompass all visualization, data architecture, and data engineering needs across all product lines. That was an extremely crucial step to consider since it aided and accelerated the process”.


In this article, we have discussed the collaboration improvements made with Intelematics and MuleSoft in automating the business tasks and processes. We have also seen how Intelematics accelerates the customer onboarding process with automation. You could learn more by being certified in MuleSoft. This online MuleSoft training course will help you upgrade your abilities and expand your professional knowledge.