Packard Students

While I have written a number of papers and a book, I also read a lot of work by other people (!) and I am happy to recommend resources. Please ask if you are looking for a reading to help advance your knowledge in this area. bpackard[at]

Mentoring Design and Training (formal)

  • Planning the Why before the How and Who of Mentoring: A planning worksheet to help with your mentoring program design [Planning Worksheet]
  • Wondering about how to improve your new faculty mentoring program or a program for associate professors/dept chairs? Read this piece I wrote for Inside Higher Ed. (
  • Want to set expectations for your mentees about mentoring, and in particular that they will require multiple mentors? Try this “Board of Directors” worksheet, which identifies key mentoring positions using a board of directors analogy. Can be used in advising sessions with students, employees, or for self-evaluation [boardhandout]
  • Mentoring conversation starters and guidance: useful for helping mentors and advisors work effectively with students or new employees particularly from underrepresented backgrounds. [RevisedInclusiveMentoringHandout2pages_Packard]

Informal Mentoring/Everyday Mentoring

  • Time-effective ways of improving faculty-student interactions. I contributed to resources distributed by Engage in Engineering. Although targeting engineering, they are relevant to all faculty who are seeking ways to maximize the time they are already investing with students whether in office hours or in class. Plus they have an amazing set of resources for everyday examples and spatial visualization.
  • Wonder what to do when people say  “go find a mentor” and you wonder: “what kind?” and “how?” I produced this Prezi with the amazing team at the National Utilities Diversity Council [Prezi on Mentoring Myths]

Readings and Additional Tips

  • Would you like an annotated bibliography about inclusive mentoring or ways to create an inclusive climate in STEM?  [Recommended_Readings_Packard]
  • Community College Summit featuring STEM fields- If you want to read more about work going on in the community college sector I contributed one of the key papers to this volume produced by the National Academy of Science [Volume]
  • NCWIT does an amazing job of developing and disseminating free (!) resources, from evaluation tools to teaching tips to recruitment ideas.