I am Professor and Chair of the Department of Philosophy at Mount Holyoke College, and the author of Dangerous Art: On Moral Criticism of Artworks (Oxford University Press), and editor of the forthcoming Oxford Handbook of Ethics and Art. I am the former Director of the Weissman Center for Leadership and the Liberal Arts.

I am interested in both ethics and aesthetics, but most of my work is at the intersection of these two fields. I am interested in imaginative engagement with artworks, audience engagement and interpretation, and other aspects of artistic practice and reception. I teach a wide range of courses in ethics, metaethics, medical ethics, philosophy of the arts, and the philosophies of ancient Greece and pre-Han China.

If you’d like to learn more about my research, see here.

Blog entries, videos, etc.:

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· Is it Rational to Condemn an Artwork for an Artist’s Personal Immorality? Guest post on Oxford University Press Blog (October 3, 2020).

· Here is a video of me talking about my recent work, “Artists vs. Audiences,” at the Aesthetics for Distant Birds Workshop, along with Antony Aumann, Sergio Gallegos Ordorica, and Vid Simoniti.

· What Fandoms Can Teach Us about the Value of Plot Holes and the Badness of Bad Artists. Guest post on Aesthetics for Birds (May 18, 2019).

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