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Really Thick Photos

26 x 50 x 10 inches

     This piece is a photography installation by sticking visually partial-related printed photos on the surface of several handmade wood cubes in size of 24×60. Each wood cubes are either standing in a line or stacking on other cubes, placing on an eye level platform. The whole piece is resembling building blocks in a first glance. 
     Photography is a way of reducing the dimensionality from space even we don’t realise. When studying the language of graphic arts , such as photography, we can not ignore the fact that it’s the 3-dimensional space gives us open options to select a specific view from infinite possibilities. This installation is about to reconstruct a 3-dimensional landscape using printed photos after flattening it by camera. 
     As a person who having been moved between different places for several times, I carried both invisible habitats and physical images with me of having been to those places. By putting selected elements from different places together, I create this unexist landscape myself. I consider it a way of manipulating space.
     I hope viewers could tell that each are separated pieces after seeing it as a whole in the first glance. They could actually blurs the boundary between objects and pictures and feel the space within this piece could be manipulated. The ultimate goal is to make them willing to stay longer with this piece and have fun with it. 
     While still using photography as the main media as I did in the past, I not only paid attention to the content inside photos but also paid attention to printed photos as objects, thus transforming a photography piece to an installation.
     I speak directly to photography works by David Hockney. They both working with the idea of  2-dimensional and 3-dimensional nature being coexist in photography. The different part is I’m working with objects but for him as photos.