I am a Manhattan based artist. In my practice I focus on sculpture, installation art, photography/Photoshop, and performance art. I am a graduate of Mount Holyoke College Class of 2020. I have a BA in Studio Art and a BS in Computer Science. I am passionate in finding a meeting point between my interests in studio art and computer science.

I have shown my work at A.P.E. @33 Hawley Gallery, Siena Art Institute in Siena, Italy, and virtual museum exhibition Long Distance Relationship at Mount Holyoke College’s Art Museum. I have spoken on a LEAP Symposium panel at MHC and was invited to speak at the Arts & Politics Conference as an artist panelist at Mount Holyoke College’s Art Museum. Outside of art and computer science I enjoy performing jazz on baritone sax.



Primarily working with installation and various other mediums, my practice navigates themes of process, transformation, and body. Transformation is present in my work in the form of materials, body, and space. When working with materials I push the boundaries of their properties to a point where they become unrecognizable to the viewer. In doing that, I transform the material to reach a new meaning and another state of being. Repetition and process is another key aspect to my work. When making, I have a very physical, tactile, and emotional connection to my process. In repetition, I am able to create a dialogue and relationship with the material on a deeper level. Processes that I follow tend to correlate to specific movements and actions that I need to express at that point in time. Physicality and sensation of making, as well as, interaction with my art is very prominent in my work. Whether it is primarily visible or embedded within the process, contact with material and body always play a role. Working with installation and performance that results in installation, I focus on presence of body in space and the relationship between art and the viewer.  I strive to create a fully immersive environment where the viewer can interact – emotionally or physically – and potentially take away a new perspective from their experience.