A Calendar of Wanderings

to be presented virtually on Saturday, April 10th, 2021

1pm – Presentation of Research

Anna Hendricks
Teaching Dance with Context; Towards an Antiracist Dance Education

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7pm – New Dance Works

Olivia Lowe
Direction, Video, and Editing: Olivia Lowe
Performer: Kayla Samuel
All movement and text are improvised by Kayla Samuel.
Sound: “Erratic Cymbal” by Freesound, “Gravity Variations” by I Think I Can Help You, “Heartbeat Drum Loop” by Freesound, “Intelligentsia” by Godmode, “Skin and Wood Drum” by Puniho, “Walking Home” by Olivia Lowe, “Windchime Drone”
Sound Composition: Olivia Lowe
On Munsee Lenape Land

Aggie Johnson
radio silence
Choreographer: Aggie Johnson, in collaboration with the performers
Performers: Aggie Johnson, Evelyn Kirby, Miranda Lawson, Sam Murray, Sophie Clingan
Sound: “Having A Coke With You” written and read by Frank O’Hara. Original composition by Aggie Johnson.
Filmography: Aggie Johnson, Barbie Diewald, Evelyn Kirby, Izzy Kalodner, Katherine Kain, Miranda Lawson, Sam Murray, Sophie Clingan
Editing: Aggie Johnson
On Massa-adchu-esset, Wampanoag, Nipmuc, Pawtucket, and Pocomtuc Land

Rin Elwell
738 Santander
Choreographer, Performer, Filmography, and Editing: Rin Elwell
Sound: Gathered from creative commons and Rin Elwell, Composed by Rin Elwell
On Nipmuc and Pocomtuc Land

Hannah Nagy
Uncoupled Choreographed by Rose Flachs
Solivagant Choreographed by Joseph Jefferies
Dedicated to my grandfather Leon Miller (1922-2021)
Performer: Hannah Nagy
Sound: Sergei Prokofiev’s Pushkin Waltzes (#1 & #2)
Filmography: Izzy Kalodner, Barbie Diewald, Rose Flachs
Editing: Hannah Nagy
On Wampanoag, Nipmuc, and Pocomtuc Land

Abby Chellis
what are some things you believe?
Choreographer, Performer, and Written Text: Abby Chellis
Sound: “Oxygen” by Kings Kaleidoscope, “Doria – Island Songs VII” by Ólafur Arnalds, “I Was Here” by Roo Panes.
Filmography and Editing: Abby Chellis
On Pocomtuc, Nipmuc, Piscataway, and Nacotchtank (Anacostan) Land

Izzy Kalodner
A Modern Night’s Dream
Choreographer: Izzy Kalodner
Performers: Tamar Cohen, Olivia Gouck, Isabela Haskell, Elise High, Hannah Nagy
Sound: “Overture/Rock Island” from The Music Man, “Sonata XVI & XV ‘Gemini'” by John Cage, performed by David Greilsammer, “Adash” by Hilary Hahn and Hauschka, “Arête” and “Seracs” by Trevor Gureckis.
Filmography: Izzy Kalodner and Jacob Kalodner
Editing: Izzy Kalodner
On Lenape, Wampanoag, Pocomtuc, and Nipmuc Land

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The Dance Majors of the Class of 2021 would like to thank the following people, without whom this performance would not have been possible:
Rachel Shaw, Achaetey Kabal, and Matthew Adelson for their support in navigating a NEW production landscape.
Professor Barbie Diewald for carrying us through Senior Seminar and our capstone creation processes with deep care.
Professor Peter Jones for guiding us through all things sound.
Clare Schweitzer ’12 for expanding our resources for crafting dance films.
Our department faculty: Professor Shakia Barron, Professor Charles Flachs, and Professor Rose Flachs.