Rin Elwell

738 Santander

The work I’m creating celebrates disabled and chronically ill bodies in dance. I have spent my time tuning directly into my body and needs as a chronically ill dancer by creating a solo piece on myself. This exists as both a massive challenge and the only way I have found myself able to fully surrender to my body’s particular needs and limitations. I ask questions as I am creating and reviewing my created content: How can I look at my choreography through a critical lens while never citing the reason for “failure” as my body? How can I celebrate what my body has given me on that particular day? In what ways can I break down instantaneous reactions to what I believe is bad?

Through this work, I am confronting my internalized ableism, and I am expressing gratitude to disabled dancers that have come before me. I am using the ways I have learned to be in this world during the pandemic and translating them into movement. At its core, this work is for bodies that have faced barriers existing in the dance sphere, so, this work is for me. 

Introducing Rin

Rin Elwell is a western Massachusetts-based dancer and choreographer who began their training at Coconut Grove Ballet in Miami, FL and danced with the affiliated studio company. They furthered their dance practice by attending summer intensives at Orlando Ballet and Gelsey Kirkland Academy and attended Youth America Grand Prix. Rin also taught ballet and jazz during this time. They went to Mount Holyoke College to major in Psychology and Dance, where they began to focus their studies on Modern dance. They have choreographed and performed in various Five College Dance productions, in addition to working behind the scenes in multiple roles in the stage crew. Rin’s work outside of dance includes research psychology and trans-inclusive birth work. They are a trained birth doula and love finding connections between dance and doula work.  Rin is exploring disability in dance for their capstone project by celebrating chronically ill and disabled bodies and exploring the world of inclusive dance. 

Artist Statement

I make dances that feel like settling in. 

I care about continuous lines,

deep and true safety for bodies and souls,

and onward momentum.

I also care about taking long baths,

cooking good food for good people,

and letting my body be disabled and beautiful. 

I hope to cultivate a space where those engaging with my work are invited to feel like they are with the people they love, even in moments when they aren’t. 

I want to communicate my own homeward journey. 

I search for the collective old and new; our pasts scaffolding our futures.