Photography Philosophy Questions

1. What features of this photographic portrait stand out for you? 2. Does this photograph contain an expression of the photographer’s attitude towards its subject? 3. What does the photograph convey about the person portrayed in it? 4. How does learning that the person in the photograph is the photographer’s wife change your understanding of it if at all?      1. What elements of this photograph stand out for you? 2. Do you think this photograph is beautiful? 3. What attitude do you think the photographer has towards nature? 4. How does finding out that the intense colors in this photograph are due to toxic chemicals that have been dumped onto the land?      1. Is this photograph realistic? 2. How do you think it was made? 3. What is the significance of the fact that this photograph is composed of two different images? 4. Is this photograph a trick? 5. Does it convey something specific about the sitter?

3.  How are digital photographs different than ones made using the traditional method of recording the image on a celluloid negative? (If you don’t know how this works, traditionally cameras had film in them and the image was recorded on the film, which had to then be developed and then printed. This is a very different process than digital cameras use, in part because the image was analogue rather than digital.) Are there things that can be done with a digital photograph that cannot be done with a film-based one? What are some examples? How about the reverse? Is one form of photography superior to the other?


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