Finding Educators to Follow on Twitter

Once you have created a Twitter account, as described in the previous post, you will want to  follow the education conversations on Twitter and identify a small group of educators to follow whose work and tweets interest you.

Use these list of education related hashtags to follow current conversations on Twitter and search Twitter for interesting tweets.  Watch the Twitter stream to identify some educators who are publishing information that interests you.

To verify whether these are accounts worth following:

  • Go to the person’s profile page by clicking on their @name in Twitter.
  • Check out their profile to see their interests.
  • Read some of their tweets.  A profile that contains only or mostly tweets of advertisements will probably be less useful than someone who is posting original content.
  • Check this profile for the  number of people following an account. This is also a good indication of how useful others have found this feed.

Some of the work we have read will also suggest interesting educators to follow.

Another way to find accounts to follow is to check some of the educational blogs to see who these writers are recommending:

10 Top Twitter Accounts to Follow in Educational Technology
33 Education Twitter Accounts You Should Be Following
100 Education Twitter Accounts to Follow

There are many resources suggesting worthwhile people and streams to follow.



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