Collaborative Learning Resources

Collaborative work is a student-centered approach that allows students to build their own learning experience while developing essential skills for team-based work and personal learning.  Most are familiar with think/pair/share as a collaborative activity. There are many additional methods for fostering collaboration and learning in your classes. Cornell University’s Center for Teaching Excellence provides well developed resources explaining collaboration… Read more Collaborative Learning Resources

Monitoring your browsing: Hindsight, A Chrome Extension

Hindsight, a new Chrome browser extension, can help you keep track of how much time you are spending online and where. This is a simple extension from Joe Edelman, a social scientist who has worked with Tristan Harris. Harris and his collaborators are currently working to develop ” a framework for ethical influence, especially as it relates to… Read more Monitoring your browsing: Hindsight, A Chrome Extension

Finding Educators to Follow on Twitter

Once you have created a Twitter account, as described in the previous post, you will want to  follow the education conversations on Twitter and identify a small group of educators to follow whose work and tweets interest you. Use these list of education related hashtags to follow current conversations on Twitter and search Twitter for… Read more Finding Educators to Follow on Twitter

Twitter for your Personal Learning Network

We have asked you to create a personal learning network (PLN) based in Twitter. Many of you probably already have an account on Twitter that you use for personal reasons.  To begin building your PLN, we suggest that you create a new account with a professional profile that better showcases your learning interests and segregates your professional… Read more Twitter for your Personal Learning Network

Postwaves offers a curated collection of posts from the web, Twitter, etc. Invited members of Postwaves are asked to review posts before they are published to Postwaves and the review score and comments are displayed with each post. Posts are categorized into “Groups”. Many of the groups are related to technology and education. Check out… Read more Postwaves

Diigo for Social Bookmarking offers a  complex social bookmarking and curation site that includes many tools for saving and annotating your bookmarks.Source: Once you have created an account on Diigo, the blue button above will appear in your browser next to the URL box. Clicking on that button will show this drop down menu. You can save a link, annotate… Read more Diigo for Social Bookmarking

Pinterest for Social Bookmarking

There are many applications that allow you to save ideas and images that you find on the internet and to share them with others. Among the simplest tools to use is Pinterest which calls itself “The World’s Catalog of Ideas”.   While Pinterest is often used to save recipes, photos, and wardrobe ideas, many teachers  use… Read more Pinterest for Social Bookmarking