Our team operates on a budget that consists of Student Government Funding (funding provided by the college) and Org Funding (our own team generated funds).  We produce a budget every spring and apply for funding to cover all team costs.  We are granted a percentage of that budget.  Fundraising helps cover the percentage we are not granted so that our team can operate and function in a manner so that we are successful and competitive.

Our team sets fundraising goals each semester and works hard to reach those goals so that costs can stay minimal for our team members.  Participation in fundraising is mandatory for every member.  This season our fundraising goals include:

  • Sunrise Pleasure Horse Show Series
  • Sunrise Ranch Horse Show Series
  • Sponsorship Programs for SPHSS and SRHSS
  • Holiday Wreath Program
  • Calendar Prize Give-Away
  • Cow Plop Contest and Barbecue