F is for FAMILIA, femme, Femmepowered, Frida Kahlo, FTM, Fun Home

FAMILIA – “FAMILIA is a closed network of support and activism for LGBTQ+ people of color at Mount Holyoke College” –MHC FAMILIA’s Facebook

femme – “Femme is purposeful, tender, fierce, and belongs to *anyone* touched by it. It informs and is informed by our other identities – including but not limited to race, body size, shape, gender, sexuality, ability, age, class, or community. This can connect into other areas of our life – like our relationships, art, activism, day-to-day presentation, and beyond. But perhaps the best thing about femme is that it’s open-ended, alchemic, and creative – a creative force that gives us great power to draw upon while living in an often painfully racist, cissexist, femmephobic world. For some, femme is intentional, for others, it’s an accident, and sometimes it’s who we were right from the beginning. The point is – if “femme” resonates with you in any way, as a word, for whatever reason right now, then it is yours. It is all of ours. Femme is who we are in our hearts”. – 2014 Femme Conference Steering Committee

Femmepowered – “Creating and Supporting Femme Visibility at Mount Holyoke and Beyond.” –MHC Femmepowered’s Facebook

Frida Kahlo (1907- 1954) – was a Mexican painter who was openly bisexual. She was known to have made love to many other famous artists such as Diego Rivera (her husband), Georgia O’Keeffe and Chavela Vargas. (source)

FTM – “’Female-to-Male’ transgender person; Individuals who have started, are in the process, or have partially or fully transitioned from female to male. The FTM process does not necessarily include sex reassignment surgery.” – muhlenberg.edu

Fun Home – a 2006 graphic memoir by Alison Bechdel, author of the comic strip Dykes to Watch Out For. It has recently been made into a Broadway musical.