Our first year as OUTreach

True Colors’ mission and name no longer aligned with the goals of its new membership so OUTreach was formed.

  • During our first two semesters as OUTreach (Fall 2014-Spring 2015), we’ve collaborated with Zine Club, Familia, SAMI, Femmepowered, the Eliot House, and the Conscious Poets.
  • We got Lyon’s Pride to consider renaming the Jolene Fund to honor the gender of the alum it is named after.
  • We sold out ticket sales for Drag Ball and got many people across campus involved in its planning.
  • We created a scholarship for local high school students to attend Camp Outright, a Vermont-based LGBTQ+ summer camp.
  • We produced a zine on Gender and Sexuality at MHC in the fall and one on Race and Class at MHC in the spring.