O is for Oh My!, OUTreach, Open Gates, Octavia E. Butlerouting someone, openly gay, and OPEN CHESTED: A QUEER LOVE LETTER TO BJÖRK!

Oh My!..a Sensuality Shop is a woman-owned, women-run sensuality boutique located in downtown Northampton since 2003 and was started by a Mount Holyoke alum.
More info: http://www.ohmysensuality.com/

OUTreach is a student org at Mount Holyoke that aims to promote unity in the LGBTQIAP+ community and beyond through connecting with various groups in and outside of campus.

Open Gates is a student-run group dedicated to the full inclusion of trans women at
Mount Holyoke College.
This is their Facebook & their tumblr.

Octavia E. Butler (1947-2006) – “Ms. Butler was black and a woman writing science fiction in a context in which black women weren’t supposed to write, and certainly not science fiction. There’s an image of sci fi as a genre of the white man, going out and exploring, conquering, the universe. She took these elements of striving for other futures and turned them to social justice. She took the alien other and confronted us, her readers, with the otherness in our experiences.” –bitchmedia.org

There is some contestation over whether or not she was out as a lesbian.

outing someone – “Disclosing someone’s sexual orientation or gender identity to others without permission (i.e. “He was outed at work”.)”-pflagatl.org

openly gay “describes people who self-identify as lesbian or gay in their personal, public and/or professional lives. Also openly lesbian, openly bisexual, openly transgender.” –wearefamily.org

OPEN CHESTED: A QUEER LOVE LETTER TO BJÖRKThis is an anonymous perzine (personal zine) tracing the author’s autobiography through their love for Björk’s music. Interweaving personal testimonies about love, queerness, class, gender and geographies with reminiscences and recollections about Björk’s live shows, records and art, it’s sad and beautiful. – from “The queer zines that should be on your radar