Welcome to the instructions site for Virtual Senior Symposium. We’ve aggregated here all the resources we can to help you:

  1. Record your presentation,
  2. Add interactive components, and
  3. Share it on the Senior Symposium Moodle site

We are looking forward to seeing you share your work with the community and engage with us in the forums over on Moodle. As a reminder, here are the steps we are asking each participant to take this year:

  1. Find your section of the symposium page
  2. Record your presentation using Zoom or a similar program
  3. Upload that recording as an unlisted YouTube video, or plan on a direct upload in Moodle
  4. Turn your recording into an interactive video (H5P) in Moodle
  5. Post your lecture notes as a text document alongside the interactive video in Moodle.

You can find all of our guidance over on the Instructions page. Thanks for participating in Virtual Senior Symposium!