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The Five College User Experience Committee (FCUX) fosters dialogue and shares UX research projects to better understand our library patrons’ needs. Each member of the committee strives to perform an iterative cycle of innovation and improvement.  Within this repository you’ll find the results of UX research within the Five College community, upcoming and past events, and resources that you may find useful.

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Five College User Experience Committee

Sika Berger (chair) – User Experience Librarian, Smith College.
Email: sberger (at) smith.edu

Thea Atwood – Data Services Librarian. UMass Amherst.
Email: tpatwood (at) umass.edu

Kelly Dagan – Research, Instruction & User Experience Librarian, Amherst College.
Email: kdagan (at) amherst.edu

Amedeo DeCara – Research and Instruction Librarian for Science (CS and NS). Hampshire College.
Email: adLO (at) hampshire.edu

Kathleen Norton – Librarian for Collection Development and User Experience, Mount Holyoke College.
Email: knorton (at) mtholyoke.edu

Using this site

We have designed the Five College UX repository to provide other librarians and user experience designers / researchers with real world studies that present local and relevant methodologies, goals, results, recommendations, and actions. The work is organized by six categories under “Research Projects”. You may click any category to see the specific research done in that area or simply browse at a higher level.

Repository Categories

Project Horizon for the 2019-2020 Academic Year

This is the current status of library user experience work at each of the five colleges:

Amherst College Seal

Amherst College

  • Testing Full Text Finder and Publication Finder in collaboration with other Five Colleges
  • Research Guides study for LibGuides platform
  • Preparing for EDS integration with FOLIO

University of Massachusetts Logo

University of Massachusetts

  • Planned re-evaluation of guides on LibGuides platform

Mount Holyoke College Logo

Mount Holyoke College

  • Investigating learning space needs and student preferences for physical LITS spaces

Hampshire College Logo

Hampshire College

  • Considering significant website revision

Smith College

  • Launched new UX team with client model
  • Evaluating and revising EDS, Full Text Finder, and preparing for EDS integration with FOLIO