Privacy – A balancing act


January 29th, 2018 over 30 people from five academic libraries gathered together to discuss how to protect privacy while improving the user experience within library digital spaces. To prepare for the discussion, two articles were provided “ Privacy and User Experience in 21st Century Library Discovery” by Shayna Pekala and a blog article entitled “Does the best library web design eliminate choice?” by Michael Schofield. There were two overarching themes developed within these two sources; namely,  privacy and intellectual freedom (Pekala) and personalization vs. privacy (Schofield).

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UX Repository presentation at Designing for Digital 2018

slide from presentation, showing title and presenters

Title of event:  Sharing the Experience: A Collegial UX Repository

Date: 3/7/2018

Location: AT&T Center, Austin, TX

Description: Two members of the Five College Libraries UX Committee, Sika Berger and Kelly Dagan, presented about this shared online repository as a resource for our community to build awareness and capacity for UX work across our campuses. We also solicited audience members to share their primary channels for learning about UX projects.

Question to audience: Is there an established channel you use to share and find out about your colleagues’ UX projects (listserv, slack channel, blog, committee, other)?

SUMMARY OF RESULTS # of respondents
Yes 5
No 9
Most commonly used (overall) Presentations/Meetings 5
Blog/Repository 5
Slack 4
Least commonly used (overall) Podcasts 1
Email 1
LinkedIn 1
Most commonly used (Yes) Slack 2
Presentations/Meetings 2
Blog/Repository 2
Twitter 2
Least commonly used (Yes) Podcasts 0
Email 0
Most commonly used (No) Blog/Repository 3
Presentations/Meetings 3
Slack 2
Least commonly used (No) LinkedIn 0
Other Institution Websites 0

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Designing for Digital Online Conference

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Title of event:  Designing for Digital online conference

Date: 4/3/2017- 4/5/2017

Location: All Five Colleges


Group registration for the 2017 Designing for Digital online conference component entitled us to live streaming for over 20 sessions, including several workshops and many periods with 2 simultaneous viewing channels. The conference focused on five themes related to user experience and user-centered design:

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