Reading Room Space Redesign

Mount Holyoke College Contribution

In 2013, a group of Mount Holyoke librarians made significant changes to the reading room space in the library.  We gathered student input by hosting several participatory design sessions for students.  Students were asked to draw their ideal reading room, or describe it if they were not comfortable drawing, and librarians would ask students to describe their vision.  We drew students in by offering free treats – we made chocolate kiss trails on the floor of the building to the workshop room, and went around the library with a tray of brownies and strawberries announcing the opportunity to participate and inviting students to the sessions. Continue reading “Reading Room Space Redesign”

Neilson Library Redesign: 2015 UX

skyline view from Neilson Library at Smith college


Programming activity for the redesign of Neilson Library at Smith College began in the spring of 2015, with data gathering and campus input from students, faculty, staff, and alumnae, and continued through the summer and fall of 2015. As part of the process the College engaged the services of brightspot to conduct user experience studies.

A Programming Committee was charged with identifying and prioritizing such building elements as user spaces, library services, physical collections, and academic support services and centers, and making recommendations to the president and board. Reports from the Programming phase are available on the Smith College Libraries website.

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