Aidala Lab

Principle Investigator

Katherine Aidala

Katherine Aidala is the Kennedy-Shelkunoff Professor of Physics Professor of Physics and founding Director of the Fimbel Maker & Innovation Lab at Mount Holyoke College.  She completed her undergraduate degree with a double major in applied physics and psychology at Yale University in 2001, and received her PhD in applied physics from Harvard University in 2006.  She is an APS Fellow, received the 2020 APS Prize for a Faculty Member for Research at an Undergraduate Institution, the Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers (PECASE) award in 2010, and was named a Cottrell Scholar of 2009 by the Research Corporation for Scientific Advancement.  She teaches a seminar course on Gender in Science, and is the founder of SciTech Café, holding monthly events that bring scientists into an informal setting to discuss their work with the general public.  


Postdoctoral Researcher

Cassandra Bogh

Cassandra Bogh is a postdoctoral researcher at Mount Holyoke, specializing in fabrication of semiconductor devices. With a PhD in Physics from the University of Iowa, she honed her expertise in scanning electron microscopy and laser physics during her time as a graduate researcher and teaching assistant.

Graduate Students

Claudia Serban

Undergraduate Students

Sophia Yuan, Bea Croteau, Taylor Dunn, Ella Phillips.


Fall 2018 (left to right): (back row) – Ye Zhang, Xinrui (Anna) Zhu, Molly Aslin, Ashley Cavanagh;
(front row) – Jae Sichel, Katherine Aidala, Christina McGahan

Postdoctoral Researchers

Prof. Christina McGahan, Vanderbilt University

Prof. Anne Murdaugh, Rollins College

Prof. Jessica Bickel, Cleveland State University

Prof. Nihar Pradhan, Jackson State University

Dr. Anandakumar Sarella, University of Nebraska, Lincoln

Affiliate Researchers

Jason Moscatello

Undergraduate Students

Ayla Osgood (’23), Xinrui Zhu (’22), Molly Aslin (’21), Ye Zhang (’20), Jae Sichel (’20), Ashley Cavanagh, (’19), Xiaoxue Gao (’18), Alyina Zaidi (’17), Minxuan Cao (’17), Alyina Zaidi (’17), Lan Phuong Nguyen Hoang (Hampshire College ’17), Linh Do (’17), Xu Xiaofan (’17), Chloe Castaneda (’16), Fikriye Idil Kaya (’16), Sarah Read (’16), Mina Khan (’16), Ye Tian  (’15), Karishma Reddy Kham (’15), Madeline Shortt (’15), Pheona Williams (’15), Ednah Louie (’14), Morgen Patterson (’14), Thao Le (Hampshire College ’14), Ye Tian (’14), Yineng Sun (’14), Ruimin Cai (’14), Lauren Clark-Johnson (’13), Pawana Shrestha (’13), Qinxia Wang (’13), Yihan Li (’13), Laura Tomich (’12), Jackquelyn Koech (’12), He “Clare” Xu (’12), Alyssa McKenna (’12), San Theingi (’12), Xiaolin Hu (’12), Alyssa McKenna (’12), Sarah Dole (’12), Abigail S. Licht (’11), Sarah Meredith (’10), Abby Goldman (’10), Moureen C. Kemei (’10), Lori-Anne Ashwood (’09), Diana Chung (’09), Tolu Ogunbekun (’09), Danti Chen (’09), Elena Garza (’08), Taylor Pressler (’08),Catherine Volle (’06)