Materials and Equipment


Course reserves, leisure books, foreign films, etc.

Equipment Available for Checkout

Most equipment checks out for 5 days at a time and is available on a first-come, first-served basis. To reserve equipment in advance or arrange for a longer loan period, please contact the LCC. For more information about borrowing equipment, please see the LCC policy on Circulation of Materials and Equipment.

MacBook Chargers

Macbook Retina Charger 85W: Check current availability.

Macbook Retina Charger 60W: Check current availability.

MacBook USB-C Charger 67W: Check current availability.

Official Apple USB-C Charger - 29W

4-hour reserve.


Check current availability.
Gridded whiteboards with plain side on back for kanji and Chinese character practice.
5-day loan.

Hard Drives

External hard drives: Check current availability
5-day loan.
Connects to FireWire 800 and USB 3.0 computers.

Keyboard Skins

Available in Arabic, Hebrew, and Russian. Check current availability.

Headsets and Microphones

The LCC also has a range of microphones for audio recording projects and headsets to check out.
Microphone: Check current availability.

Headset: Check current availability. 
5-day loan.

Mac VGA Adapter: 

Check current availability.
5-day loan.


Check current availability.
5-day loan.

Apple Display Adapter: 

Check current availability.
5-day loan.

Equipment Available for Use in the LCC

  • Multiregion Blu-ray (can play films from anywhere in the world)
  • Lab computers (Macs) with iMovie, Adobe software, and Audacity 
  • MFD printer in the lounge
  • TV display in the lounge (for reserved events)