Circulation of Materials and Equipment

All items must be checked out for use by all patrons, even if the item is to be used in the LCC. This applies equally to faculty and staff, even for items owned by faculty or departments and put on reserve in the LCC. This is necessary for a number of reasons:

  • By checking items out, we are able to keep track of where the item is and who has it.
  • If an item is taken but not checked out, the library catalog will indicate that it is available, which is misleading to other patrons.
  • Checking items out also ensures we have accurate statistics for item use.

How do I check out items from the LCC?

  • Reserve items and equipment may be requested for check out at the LCC main desk with a MHC One card.
  • Items in the LCC’s permanent collection that are shelved around the LCC may be brought by the patron to the LCC main desk for check out.
  • A Five College library card is required to check out items from the LCC.

How many items can I check out from the LCC?

  • 4-hour loan items (e.g., reserves, certain reference materials and equipment): 2 items
  • 5-day loan items (e.g., most equipment, leisure films): 5 items
  • 1-month (regular) loan items (e.g., books in the LCC’s permanent collection): unlimited
  • The limits apply to all patrons (students, faculty and staff).
  • Exceptions to these limits may be granted on a case-by-case basis; contact the LCC Director in advance to discuss the request.

How long can items be checked out?

  • For reserve materials, the default loan period is 4 hours.
    • When an instructor places material on reserve in the LCC, they may specify a different loan period and whether or not materials may be used outside of the LCC.
    • See the section on “Course Reserves” for more information about reserves.
  • For materials in the LCC’s permanent collection, the loan period varies by item, based on the type of item and the demand for the item.
    • These materials may in some cases be loaned for three days or longer and may be taken out of the LCC.
  • When necessary, longer loan periods can sometimes be arranged:
    • For faculty/staff: notify the LCC staff person when checking out, and the due date can be adjusted.
    • For students: contact the LCC Director in advance to discuss the request.

How do I know when an item is due?

  • When you check an item out from the LCC, the staff person will tell you the due date and time, please ask if this information was not provided.
  • You can also check the due date at any time through the online library catalog.

Can items be checked out overnight?

  • Only materials specifically designated to leave the LCC may be checked out overnight.
    • If these items are checked out within three hours of closing, the due time for the item will be extended to one hour after the LCC opens the next day.
  • Items that are not allowed to leave the LCC may not be checked out overnight.

Can Five College students check things out?

  • Anyone with a Five College library card may check out materials from the LCC.
  • Five College students, faculty, and staff have the same privileges in the LCC as their Mount Holyoke equivalents.

How do I return items to the LCC?

  • Materials must be returned during the open hours of the LCC (refer to sidebar for hours).
  • Return materials to the LCC main desk, by giving the item directly to the LCC staff person on duty, or placing it in the basket marked “Returns.”
  • If a patron returns an item directly to the shelf, the staff will not be able to check that item in, and the patron may incur a fine regardless of whether the item was returned on time.

Are there fines for overdue materials?

  • LCC materials incur the same fines as any other materials checked out through the MHC library system.
    • Fines are determined and administered by the Main Library.
    • See the LITS website for detailed information about fines.
    • The LCC cannot accept fine payments, nor can LCC staff provide information about a fine.
  • Any item (regardless of type, including books, equipment, etc.) not returned or returned damaged due to misuse/neglect will incur a replacement charge plus billing fees.
  • If a patron believes that she has been erroneously fined for material from the LCC, she should contact the LCC Director.

Can I reserve equipment to use at a specific time?

  • An on-demand model has been adopted for the equipment loaning pool. You no longer need to fill out the equipment request form 3 days in advance. You can just come to the Media Services office and check out the equipment that you need. The loan period is now 7 days.
  • To reserve LCC equipment that is only available at the LCC contact the LCC Director in advance to discuss the request.
  • These requests will be approved on a case-by-case basis, depending on the availability and demand for the equipment.