Meet the student consultants who keep the LCC running every day! Between them, they have studied numerous languages, and are experienced in many types of software and technologies.

Thien-An Dang Nguyen ’23

Majors: English & History
I speak: English, Vietnamese, Elementary German & Elementary Korean
Interests: Reading poems, photography, and watching YouTube videos.
I can help you with: Microsoft Office, Duolingo, iMovie, Skype, and I’m happy to help with any other questions.

Julia Berestecky ’23

Majors: Psychology & French
I speak: English, Intermediate French, Elementary Japanese
I love: Disney, cotton candy, studying languages, animals, and listening to movie soundtracks
I can help you with: Google Docs/Presentations, Mango Languages, Duolingo, plus much more! Don’t hesitate to ask me! J
Fun Fact: I’m learning how to spin lightsabers! 

Caty Simons ’24

Majors: Economics & Russian and Eurasian Studies
I speak: English, Russian, Spanish 
I can help you with: Microsoft Office, Skype, Google Hangouts, IMovie, etc. just ask and I’ll do my best to help :)
Hobbies: reading classic literature, hiking, traveling

Sarah Chohan ’24

Major: Statistics & Economics 
I speak: Swahili, English and Hindi 
I can help you with: Microsoft Office, Skype, Google Hangout, just let me know if you need any help! 
Hobbies: Henna designing, painting and baking!

Rocío Pérez ’24

Major: Russian and Eurasian Studies, History
I speak: English, Russian, Spanish and elementary Arabic 
I can help you with: Google suite, Office, language learning resources 
Hobbies: Running, reading, and listening to music

Jennifer García-Israel ’24

Major: Biological Sciences and French
I speak: English, Spanish, and French
I can help you with: Microsoft Office, Google Suite, Duolingo, and more!
Fun fact: My favorite food to bake is borekitas, which are a traditional Sephardi pastry!

Ruby Sapkota ’25

Major: Computer Science & Economics 
I speak: English, Nepali, Hindi, Spanish, Korean
I can help you with: Microsoft Office, Skype, Google Suite, Technical Skills. Happy to help with any other questions! 
Hobbies: Singing, photography, learning new languages

Claudia Gonzalez ’25

Major: Computer Science with a minor in music 
I speak: Spanish and English  
I can help you with: Microsoft Office, Adobe Premier Pro, Adobe Illustrator, and Adobe Animate 
Fun fact: I can make a flower crown in under an hour!

Julia Ho ’25

Major: Computer Science & Mathematics
I speak: English, Vietnamese, Korean
I can help you with: Microsoft Office, Google Suite, technical skills, and language-learning tips
Fun fact: I love to change and try out different hair colors! I once changed my hair color 6 times in a year

Sylvia Wood ’25

Major: Biochemistry with a minor in Chinese
I speak: English, Elementary Spanish and Mandarin
I can help you with: Skritter, Basic technical issues, Resources in and provided by the LCC
Fun fact: I used to think that trees could hear me, so I would always say “hello”!