Reserving Course Materials (Faculty)

Reserving Course Material (Faculty instructions)

What type of material can be put on reserve?

  • Any material owned by a faculty member or by a department may be put on reserve at the LCC.
  • Materials owned by the Main Library are generally put on reserve at the Main Library. Under certain circumstances, it may be possible to move Main Library items to LCC reserves temporarily; however, arrangements must be made in advance and items may be recalled to the Main Library if needed.
  • We cannot put items owned by a Five College Library or another library on reserve at the LCC.

How are items put on reserve?

Please go to the LITS How to Submit Reserve Requests to access the system and for further information.

As part of LITS, the LCC uses the same online system for faculty to submit and track requests for print reserves, e-reserves, and video.

  • One copy of all required reading texts for each course will automatically be placed on reserve in LITS. Please see this page for more information. If faculty would rather have the text on reserve at the LCC, that is an option as well. 
  • For personal copies of texts, faculty or department staff should bring the material(s) to the LCC and talk to the Director about filling out the appropriate form.
    • On the form, the faculty may choose the loan period and whether or not the item may be used outside of the LCC:
      • The default loan period for reserve items is 4 hours.
      • By default, items are allowed to leave the LCC.
    • If multiple copies of the same item are being placed on reserve, it is only necessary to complete one form for all items with the same title.
    • If material will be used again in subsequent semesters, a professor may indicate on the form that the item should remain on reserve indefinitely.
      • In this case, the material will automatically be transferred into the reserves for the same course in future semesters, and the material will remain in the LCC until the faculty chooses to retrieve it.
  • LCC staff will enter the material into the library system. After the item has been cataloged, it will be available to students via the LCC Main Desk.

Can an extended use period be granted?

Can certain students be given special permission to use reserve materials outside of the LCC or for a longer length of time?

  • The LCC cannot offer special borrowing privileges to select students. The loan parameters (loan period, whether item can leave LCC, etc.) indicated by the faculty or staff on the reserve form will apply equally to all students.