Language Mentors

2023-2024 Language Mentors

Most languages taught at Mount Holyoke College have mentors who offer weekly Language Q&A sessions in the Language & Culture Commons in Ciruti.

Mentors have met the language departments’ criteria for language proficiency. They are trained at the start of each semester and continue to develop their language assistance skills through guided reflection, exploration, and study activities.

Mentor in Russian

Olga Golovatskaia

Привет (Hi)! My name is Olga (she/her), and I am so excited to be your Russian language mentor this year! I’m an internationl student from the northern part of Russia, it is my third year here at Mount Holyoke, and I’m a Computer Science major. Do not hesitate to come by my Q&A sessions if you have any questions or to just say hi! До встречи (See you)!


Wednesdays 7-9 PM, room 6A, LCC (Ciruti)

Mentor in Chinese

Serafina Wang

Hi everyone! My name is Serafina Wang. I am from a city called Chengdu, which is also the hometown of pandas, in China. I am a sophomore majoring in Environmental Studies. I enjoy writing Chinese calligraphy and singing a lot of Chinese songs. Please feel free to ask me any questions! I am looking forward to meeting you all at the Q&A sessions! 


Tuesdays & Thursdays 6-7pm, Language & Culture Commons (6A)

Mentor in Japanese

Makoto Nakamura

こんにちは!I am Makoto Nakamura, a junior majoring in Economics and I will be the Language Assistant and the mentor for Japanese. Both my parents are from Japan, but I was born in the United States and raised in 6 other countries including Japan. When I was in Japan, my favorite things to do were going on walks and eating ramen. This semester, I will be helping out for 2nd and 3rd year Japanese classes. If you have any questions regarding class material or just want to talk, feel free to stop by the Q&A sessions. I will be more than happy to help you. よろしくお願いします!

Wednesdays 4-5 PM, Ciruti 111

Waka Marubayashi

こんにちは! My name is わか (Waka) and I am going to be one your Japanese LA this year! I am from Tokyo and I have been studying in the US for the passed 8 years. I love fashion, watching movies, dancing and singing! But also… I love watching animes and reading mangas! So if there’s any anime fans out there, come join me in my Q+A session~ I am looking forward to helping you with any questions you have or just simply chatting for fun!

Thursdays 5-6 PM, Ciruti 111

Mentor in French

Shanthini Ragoonaden

Bonjour Mount Holyoke! I am Shanthini (’24), an international student from Mauritius. You might spot me walking around, exploring the gorgeous campus, and greeting dogs strolling around. I am the French Q&A Mentor, so feel free to approach me if you need any assistance with your French!


Wednesdays 6-7 PM (Zoom)

Thursdays 5-6 PM Language and Culture Commons (6A)

Mentor in Korean

Yurim Oh and Geraldine Louis

Hello everyone! I’m Yurim Oh (she/her), hailing from Seoul, South Korea. Currently, I’m a sophomore pursuing double majors in Economics and Psychology. I have a deep passion for connecting with new people and delving into different languages and cultures. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch throughout the semester—I’m eagerly looking forward to meeting all of you soon!


Mondays 4-5 PM, room 6A, LCC (Ciruti), with Geraldine Louis

Wednesdays 4:30-5:30 PM, in room 6A, LCC (Ciruti) with Yurim

Mentor in Spanish

Lexi Esparza-Finsmith


Tuesdays 4:30-5:30 pm

Thursdays 12-1 pm,

room: 6A, LCC (Ciruti)

Mentor in Arabic

Aseel Rmah

Hi everyone! My name is Aseel Rmah (she/her) I’m a senior and I’m a Politics major. I’m originally from Haifa and fluent in Arabic.
Thursdays from 6-7 PM, on Zoom