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This month’s Language Of The Month is Breton!

Breton is a Celtic language  from the French region of Brittany. Spoken by an estimated 213,000 people, down from about 1 million in 1950, it is classified as severely endangered by UNESCO. Today it is the only Celtic language still spoken in continental Europe and the people of Brittany work hard to preserve their heritage.

Breton Cuisine

Breton cuisine is known for its heavy use of salted butter. It also has balanced mix of meat and seafood dishes. Traditional drink of accompaniment is a bowl of cider.

Breton Costume

The regional costume is famous for its lace headresses or bigoudènes, (at one point there were believed to be 800 different styles) worn by women with a long dress and a white apron and a lace color. Men wear hats with a white shirt, black pants and a vest.

Breton Music

Tri Martolod by Nolwenn Leroy is a traditional folk song that tells the story of three sailors. Part Nolwenn Leroy’s 2010 album “Bretonne” that was entirely made up of Celtic and Breton songs.

La tribu de Dana by Manau who is a Celtic hip hop group from Brittany. The song tells the story of an ancient battle, the hook actually samples Tri Martolod.

Breton Sayings

Thank you = Trugarez

Would you like to dance with me? = C’hoant az peus da zañsal ganin?

Nice to meet you = Plijus eo daremprediñ

How are you? = Mat an traoù?

Congratulations! = Gourc’hemennoù!

Better knowledge than money = Gwelloc’h skiant evit arc’hant

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