The purpose of the Homeric Greek Resources site is to offer a range of materials (e.g., simple video tutorials, written exercises with keys, recordings, on-line interactive exercises) to support students and instructors of Ancient Greek who begin with Homer—in particular the Iliad. Emphasis throughout is on what is useful (and accessible), even if “low-tech.”

As we try to improve the site, we welcome suggestions (and corrections). We also invite instructors to send us material to share.

Paula Debnar (pdebnar@mtholyoke.edu), Mount Holyoke College
Thalia Pandiri (tpandiri@smith.edu), Smith College
Barry Spence (bspence@umass.edu), University of Massachusetts, Amherst

This site was made possible by a grant from The Five College Consortium.

(Photos of Mycenae, P.D.)