Meter & Accents


MMM (Mr.  Meter Machine)
Use this website (created Mavis Murdock, Mount Holyoke College, ’22)  to practice scanning any of the lines in Iliad Book 1. For each line you can either type ‘u’ for short and ‘- ‘ (hyphen) for long, or use ‘l’ and ‘s’. If you make a mistake, it will offer hints about metrical features of the line in case an irregularity stumped you.

Hexameter Company Once you register, you can practice scanning random lines of the Iliad (or lines of a number of Latin authors as well).

  • Scroll down to select Homer and log in.
  • Drag the long and short marks to each syllable and then check your work.
  • After you submit your scansion, notes will appear to point out irregularities, like correption and synesesis.
  • There are also notes on metrical terms.

Accents (Donald J. Mastronarde, UC Berkeley)
This site is designed for Attic Greek, but the principles of accentuation are the same for Attic and Homeric (Epic) dialects, and the drills give you enough information to be able to deduce correct accentuation.