Quizlet: Homeric Greek Resources
(To use these cards you will need to register at quizlet.com; it’s free and they don’t sell your email.)

These public Quizlet “stacks” cover words in the vocabulary lists through Lesson 40 as well as some stacks on forms and principal parts. In the case of vocabulary cards, they include the pronunciation of the Greek word as well its English definitions. There are also a few stacks based on Owen and Goodspeed’s list of most frequently used nouns / adjectives and verbs.

Use the alphabetical sort function at the top of the list of sets to view flashcards by lessons in Pharr’s Homeric Greek.

Because of the limitations of the program, only the first definition is used for the answer in some of the modules, even though the rest of the definitions are included in parentheses on the flashcard.

You will find two versions for most sets of cards, one with and one without accents, in case typing accents seems too daunting. Even in the unaccented sets, however, accented forms appear in parentheses. For both kinds of sets you must use breathing marks.

Use the options menu to tell Quizlet you want to see the Greek cards before the English (or vice-versa) and to turn the sound on (or off). You can also set the kinds of questions (multiple choice, written, T/F, fill in the blank) you want to appear on tests. Be sure to revert to the English keyboard for matching questions.

The “Match”  game is entertaining and the program keeps track of low times.