Lessons 01-05

The first number corresponds to the section in Homeric Greek. The second is for the number of the exercise for that section. So §3.1 means the first exercise on section 3, while §3.2 means the second exercise on section 3.

§3.1 Exercise (Spell words using Greek letters.)

§3.1 Exercise Key

§3.1b Εxercise (diphthongs, gamma nasals) (rev. label)

§3.1b Εxercise Key

§4.1 Exercise (syllables)

§4.1 Exercise Key

§4.2 Exercise (Make up your own words; spell your name)

§7.1 Exercise on Parts of Speech

§7.1 Exercise on Parts of Speech Key

§8.1 English Sentence Analysis

§8.1 English Sentence Analysis Key

§8.2 Sentence Analysis Cases

§8.2 Sentence Analysis Cases Key

§8.3 Another Greek Case Exercise 

§8.3 Another Greek Case Exercise Key

§9g.1 Exercise (alphabet, lexicon entries)

§9g.1 Exercise Key

§9h.2 Exercise (What case would you use?)

§9h.2 Exercise Key

§11.1 Sentence Analysis Chart (for Greek and English sentences in a lesson)

§13.1 Exercise (βουλή, θεά, θάλασσα) 

§13.1 Exercise Κey

§14.1-2 Exercise (accents)

§14.1-2 Exercise Key

§18.1 Exercise (verbs, present indicative, active)

§18.1 Exercise Key

§19.1 Exercise (accents in verbs)

§19.1 Exercise Key