Lessons 03-05

NOTE: This program does not function correctly on an iPad.

Lesson 3a: English Sentence Analysis
Identify the subject-verb-object (or predicate noun/adjective) in each sentence by clicking on the specified button and then double-clicking on the word(s) in the sentence.

Lesson 3b: Introduction to the Use of Cases

Assign the correct case, taking into consideration your analysis of the grammar of the sentence (e.g. subject, direct object).

Lesson 3c:  Greek Sentence Analysis
Hereafter, “Analysis” exercises asks to do the same as  3a, but with Greek words.

Lesson 4a: Greek Sentence Analysis

Lesson 4b: Cases

“Case” exercises ask you to identify the case (gender and number) of nouns and adjectives.

Lesson 5a: Greek Sentence Analysis

Lesson 5b: Cases