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  • Margaret Atwood, The Penelopiad (Odyssey)
  • Pat Barker, The Silence of the Girls (Iliad)
  • David Malouf, Ransom (Iliad)
  • Madeline Miller, Circe (as of 9/21/2018 on the NYTimes bestsellers list) (Odyssey)
  • _______________,  The Song of Achilles (Iliad)
  • Other historical (or mythological) novels related to ancient Greece (Note: contrary to what the author of the site implies, the Homeric epics are not novels.)
  • Age of Bronze (graphic novels  based on the Homeric epics)
  • Language Learning Strategies and Tools
    —not all suggestions apply to ancient languages, since they are no longer spoken, but many do.
  • Troy (excavations and reconstructions, University of Cincinnati)
  • Harvard Classics Poetry and Prose Recital Site
  • Iliad with pitch (S. Daitz) (not for the faint of heart)
  • Yugoslavian guslar Avdo Kino reciting oral poetry (his own, not Homer’s), (The Milman Parry Archives, Harvard University) (requires even more courage)
  • Historians Admit to Inventing the Ancient Greeks (The Onion)
  • Homeric Singing (Georg Danek, Univ. of Vienna, Dept. of Classical Philology and Stefan Hagel, Austrian Academy of Sciences) (not universally accepted)
  • For excellent help in learning  Latin go to Ben Johnson’s website Latin Tutorial.