Lessons 1-5

Pay close attention to instructions. All of the fill-in-the-blank exercises require breathing marks, but have optional answers with both breathing marks and accents.  Some exercises are drag and drop or true/false. Most of these exercises are also available under the Written Exercises menu as pdf files with associated keys.

For the interactive exercises on tablets and phones the Hoplite Greek Keyboard works well. There is a version for Ipads/phones and other systems as well.

First-Declension Nouns (a,b,c; drag & drop)

First-Declension Nouns (a, b, c; type the answer)

First-Declension Adjectives

Lexicon Entries, First Declension

Accents, First Declension
Click on the small question mark for explanations.

Present Indicative Active (drag and drop)

Parsing (nouns, verbs, adjectives)

More Parsing (nouns, verbs, adjectives)