Lessons 01-05

Lesson 1: How to Write the Ancient Greek Alphabet

Lesson 1: Pronunciation of Letters

Lesson 1: Pronunciation of Gamma Nasals (ng, nk, nx pairs)

Lesson 1: Pronunciation of  Diphthongs (pairs of vowels)

Lesson 1–2: Breathing Marks (h-sound), Punctuation, Etc.

Lesson 3: Basic English Grammar and Syntax

Note: We have begun revising the videos, so in this and some of the following videos the formatting may differ.

Lesson 3: Basic Greek Grammar and Syntax

Lesson 3: First Declension (βουλή)

Lesson 3: Cases and Places

Lesson 4: First Declension  (types b & c) (θεά, θάλασσα)

Lesson 5: Present Indicative Active of -ω Verbs